How would it be to feel


financial security?

Have you had enough of being troubled
by your financial worries?

  • Are you sick and tired of worrying about your credit-card bills?

  • Are you fed-up with falling back into debt again soon after getting on top of your finances?

  • Do you lie awake at night wondering how you’re going to pay your bills?

  • Are you frightened that you are sliding backwards down a slippery financial slope?

  • Do you feel nauseated when the ‘phone rings, in fear that it’s some-one chasing you for money?

  • Are you a business person or entrepeneur, worried about your business finances?

  • Or do you simply feel uneasy about money and wonder why?

There are many people who, despite being relatively wealthy, still do not feel truly secure.

What difference would it make to your life if you could shake off all these negative feelings and emotions and meet your current financial challenges with a sense of clarity and purpose like never before?

Leigh D Wilson is interviewed by Dr Joanna Martin about his new book, Surviving Financial Meltdown

This amazing book, Surviving Financial Meltdown:
How to Triumph over Personal Financial Hardship and Unleash Your True Potential,
will show you how, and much more.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Sweep aside the anxiety, fear and dread about money that can be your constant companions.
  • Uncover and free yourself from debilitating emotions and thought-patterns, replacing them with positive, empowering beliefs and attitudes that will uplift you and help you rise above your current turmoil.
  • Blast through any blockages that have been holding you back, preventing you from getting on top of your financial problems and reaching your true potential.
  • Strengthen your resilience so that you become much more impervious to the setbacks that life can throw your way.
  • Paint a clear picture of how you want all areas of your life to really be.
  • Develop skills and techniques to help you ensure that this becomes your new reality and financial problems become a thing of the past.
  • Establish a whole new relationship with money so that you continue to use it wisely and enjoyably.

As you read this book and follow the simple step-by step exercises that are carefully laid out for you, you’ll be able to change your life significantly for the better.

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“I strongly recommend this book!
Within its pages are life-changing secrets that could be described as GOLD!”
Kerrie Phipps,
Coach and Author



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Surviving Financial Meltdown

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Hi, my name is Leigh, and I would like to help you solve your financial problems !

Perhaps you’re battling to meet your credit card debts, struggling to make the minimum payments each month. Or maybe you’re worrying about school fees or university fees, concerned that you won’t be able to pay for your education, or that of your children, as you had planned.

Maybe you’re anxious about losing your job, or perhaps you have already lost it. Maybe you’re concerned about your retirement plans given that the share market lost much of its value during the Global Financial Crisis.

Or perhaps you’re just plain worn down from battling financial problems for some time now and fear that things can only get worse.

It could be that you're feeling anxious, worried, stressed or overwhelmed. It could even be that your self-esteem has taken a bit of a knock, or you're finding it hard to be happy and relaxed because of your financial worries.

Let me assure you that I have a pretty good idea of what you might be feeling right now - I've been there. I’ve suffered the indignity of retrenchment, the incessant worry of not being able to pay my bills and debts, the anguish of a broken marriage, the aching pain of losing a business I'd worked so hard to establish, the stress of losing lots of money.

Having gone through all this and come out on top, I learnt and developed powerful and effective techniques to deal with the negative emotions and thought-patterns that were compounding my problems, hiding the solutions that were right in front of my nose.

I learnt how to get rid of my limiting beliefs, decisions and emotions and to replace them with positive, uplifting and empowering responses that enabled me to deal with my problems easily and efficiently.  I learnt how to map out and create a life that I could really enjoy living, making my best dreams come true.

As I coached friends and clients through similar situations, I became eager to share these exciting techniques with a much broader audience. This is why I wrote my book Surviving Financial Meltdown: How to Triumph over Personal Financial Hardship and Unleash Your True Potential, and established this website and the resources on it.

My aim is to help you find TRUE financial security

As you work through the exercises in this enlightening book and use the other resources I have created for you, you will be shown how to deal with the hidden personal conditioning that has led you to your current financial situation and is holding you back, right now. Freed from these limitations, you'll be guided towards ways of overcoming your financial setbacks and shown how to set and create uplifting and exciting new goals that you will be magnetically drawn towards.

Leigh D Wilson

Executive Coach & Presenter

Master NLP Practitioner, Master Results Coach, Trainer & Performance Consultant

Author of
Surviving Financial Meltdown

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